Year 4 Homework due 24 May 2017

Home Learning 19th May 2017.

WRITING. Chose a topic you are interested in (eg. football, flowers, buildings, lego, cats etc). On a A4 page, create a non-chronological report about your subject. You will need to research the information then present it.

Things to include:

  • Title
  • Sub headings
  • Pictures / maps
  • Fact box / interesting information
  • Paragraphs of information
  • ROMAN DAY.Next Friday we are finishing our work on the Romans by having a Roman Day. Please find some Roman style clothing to wear. You don’t need to buy an outfit, be creative. You can do a lot with an old sheet and a pair of sandals!
  • Spellings:

    tale, tail             threw, through

    pore, poor, paw      allowed, aloud

    bored, board

    Put them into sentences to check your understanding.

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