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Year 4 Homework due 14.06.2017

Home Learning 9th June 2017.

Find a poem or verse that inspires you. (fills you with the urge to do or feel something.)Copy your inspirational verse/poem out in beautiful handwriting and no spelling mistakes! Do this on plain paper, using a line guide, or on lined paper – not in your book.We will put some on display so illustrate it beautifully using coloured pens or pencils, or create a border. BE CREATIVE!Explain why it inspires you. What does it make you want to do?

There are plenty of websites you can look at to be inspired.(google inspirational poem)

Spellings:  words ending in ous

spacious             poisonous

courageous        furious 

mountainous    envious

Put them into sentences to check your understanding.

What would the root word be?

Eg. mountain is the root word of mountainous

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