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Year 4 Homework due 24 May 2017

Home Learning 19th May 2017.

WRITING. Chose a topic you are interested in (eg. football, flowers, buildings, lego, cats etc). On a A4 page, create a non-chronological report about your subject. You will need to research the information then present it.

Things to include:

  • Title
  • Sub headings
  • Pictures / maps
  • Fact box / interesting information
  • Paragraphs of information
  • ROMAN DAY.Next Friday we are finishing our work on the Romans by having a Roman Day. Please find some Roman style clothing to wear. You don’t need to buy an outfit, be creative. You can do a lot with an old sheet and a pair of sandals!
  • Spellings:

    tale, tail             threw, through

    pore, poor, paw      allowed, aloud

    bored, board

    Put them into sentences to check your understanding.

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Year 4 Homework due 10.05.2017

Home Learning 5th May 2017.


We have been looking at the properties of 2D shapes this week. (circle, rectangle, square, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, rhombus and parallelogram)


Go on a shape hunt in, and around your home. How many 2D shapes can you find? Look at patterns on material, furniture, the ends of boxes etc.  Eg. One side of a door is a rectangle

Ideas for presentation: Take photographs and label them.Create a tally chart showing how many of each shape you find.


Can you find a trapezium?

What shapes can you find in nature?


Words with apostrophes.Ensure you know the meanings of these words. What are they short for?  Why do they need an apostrophe?wouldn’t    couldn’t    it’s   didn’t    can’t     she’s

Also learn 3 more words from the year 3/4 list.Put them into sentences to check your understanding.

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