5 Willow Assembly Song

The family of the sun,

the family of the sun,

there are nine planets in,

the family of the sun.

Mercury is hot,

Mercury is small,

Mercury has no atmosphere,

it’s just a rocky ball.

Venus has thick clouds,

that hide what is below,

the air is foul,

the ground is hot, it rotates very slow.

We love the Earth our home,

its oceans and its trees,

we eat its food, we breathe its air,

so no pollution please.

Mars is very red,

it’s also dry and cold,

some day you might visit Mars,

if you are really bold.

Great Jupiter is big,

we’ve studied it a lot,

we found it has a lot of moons,

and a big red spot.

Saturn has great rings,

we wondered what they were,

now we know they’re icy rocks,

we saw them as a blur.

Uranus is so far,

it’s cold and greenish blue,

we found it rotates sideways and,

it has a lot of moons.

Neptune has a spot,

a stormy patch of blue,

the planet has a lot of clouds,

and rings around it, too.

Pluto’s last in line,

it’s farthest from the sun,

it’s small and cold and icy too,

to land there won’t be fun.



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5 Ash

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5 Oak

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5 Willow

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Year 4 Homework due 19.07.2017

Home Learning 14th July 2017.

English into Art With the book we are focusing on in English – ‘Krindlekrax’ by Philip Ridley, we would like you in your final piece of Year 4 home learning, to create an image of what they think Krindlekrax looks like.

It is an elusive green reptile that lives in the sewers and has become large from feeding off toast and marmalade (thrown down the drain by Wendy Splinter)!

Be as creative as you would like to be!

  • You could create a painted picture
  • Create a pencil sketch
  • Create a modelling clay item
  • Create just the head of the creature
  • Represent your image in the form of a poem!
  • Spellings:

    This week you will be tested at random using the list from the Year 3/4 spelling list.

  • Go through your list in your learning log and practise the ones that you might still find a little tricky.
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Year 4 Homework due 14.06.2017

Home Learning 9th June 2017.

Find a poem or verse that inspires you. (fills you with the urge to do or feel something.)Copy your inspirational verse/poem out in beautiful handwriting and no spelling mistakes! Do this on plain paper, using a line guide, or on lined paper – not in your book.We will put some on display so illustrate it beautifully using coloured pens or pencils, or create a border. BE CREATIVE!Explain why it inspires you. What does it make you want to do?

There are plenty of websites you can look at to be inspired.(google inspirational poem)

Spellings:  words ending in ous

spacious             poisonous

courageous        furious 

mountainous    envious

Put them into sentences to check your understanding.

What would the root word be?

Eg. mountain is the root word of mountainous

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Year 4 Homework due 24 May 2017

Home Learning 19th May 2017.

WRITING. Chose a topic you are interested in (eg. football, flowers, buildings, lego, cats etc). On a A4 page, create a non-chronological report about your subject. You will need to research the information then present it.

Things to include:

  • Title
  • Sub headings
  • Pictures / maps
  • Fact box / interesting information
  • Paragraphs of information
  • ROMAN DAY.Next Friday we are finishing our work on the Romans by having a Roman Day. Please find some Roman style clothing to wear. You don’t need to buy an outfit, be creative. You can do a lot with an old sheet and a pair of sandals!
  • Spellings:

    tale, tail             threw, through

    pore, poor, paw      allowed, aloud

    bored, board

    Put them into sentences to check your understanding.

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Year 4 Homework due 10.05.2017

Home Learning 5th May 2017.


We have been looking at the properties of 2D shapes this week. (circle, rectangle, square, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, rhombus and parallelogram)


Go on a shape hunt in, and around your home. How many 2D shapes can you find? Look at patterns on material, furniture, the ends of boxes etc.  Eg. One side of a door is a rectangle

Ideas for presentation: Take photographs and label them.Create a tally chart showing how many of each shape you find.


Can you find a trapezium?

What shapes can you find in nature?


Words with apostrophes.Ensure you know the meanings of these words. What are they short for?  Why do they need an apostrophe?wouldn’t    couldn’t    it’s   didn’t    can’t     she’s

Also learn 3 more words from the year 3/4 list.Put them into sentences to check your understanding.

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Year 4 Homework due 03.05.2017

Home Learning 28st April 2017.


TASK: We have been looking at the digestive process in humans. Find out 10 interesting facts about digestion in humans or other animals eg. a cow

How can I present my work?

You could draw diagrams and annotate it

You could make a model

You could create a quiz

You could write a letter

You could do a carton strip

Be creative!


Find out how insects digest their food.http://www.ducksters.com/science/digestive_system.php

Look at the above website and do the quiz.


Words with the “sion” pattern


division      explosion      comprehension 

collision     intrusion       conclusion 


Ensure you know the pronunciations and meanings of these words.

Put them into sentences to check your understanding.

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Year 4 Homework due 22.03.2017

Home Learning 17th March 2017.


In English, we have been focussing on noun phrases in our writing.


Use the following nouns and turn them into expanded noun phrases.

fish bottle castle window teacher


balloon house banana shoe table


 The tall, strict teacher

 Remember you need more than one adjective in an expanded noun phrase.

Can you think of your own nouns to add to the list?


Extend your expanded noun phrases by using a prepositional phrase


The tall, strict teacher in front of the door.


Practice these spellings from the Year 3 / 4 list:


Make sure you know the meanings of words you are learning by writing sentences using them correctly.

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